Remarketing – Is It For You?

Remarketing is a form of advertising where you display advertising to people who have already visited your site to encourage them to return and complete a conversion (lead, sale, download).

It used to be that remarketing was only affordable for larger companies. Fortunately, the technology has advanced so this marketing tool is now within reach of smaller brands and local businesses.

Remarketing Strategies

Snyder Online Marketing has created remarketing campaigns for multi-national and local businesses alike. We can help you pull back potential clients to your site to create long lasting customers with the right remarketing strategy and implementation.

Beyond segmenting your traffic based on what pages they have visited, we can create solutions based on user intent – serving them proper messaging to create higher returning visitors to your website to convert.

  • Remarketing Strategies
  • Code Integration on Site
  • Audience Segmentation
    • Banner Ad Creative
    • Remarketing Campaign Creation
    • Campaign Optimization and Management

    Google Remarketing Solutions

    Google’s Display network has a reach of 90% of internet users, including blogs, YouTube, Gmail ads and more. We will manage the process of creating a strategy custom to your business and online goals.

    Beyond creating and implementing the strategy, we will manage and optimize the campaigns to drive more conversions for your budget.

    google remarketing agency

    Facebook Remarketing

    Although Facebook’s reach is less than Google’s, creating a campaign with strict demographic and interest targeting is a great way to maximize your online advertising budget. You have full control over segmenting and creating audiences based on their actions, demographics, geographic area and more.

    facebook remarketing


    AdRoll is partnered with display networks big and small around the web like Facebook Exchange, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, allowing you to reach 98% of sites on the Internet. This includes desktop, tablets, mobile, and app ads.

    AdRolls’ customer segmentation, geographic targeting and other advanced targeting techniques, based on user intent can serve a specific type of user an ad that has shown to increase conversions at a low cost.

    The AdRoll reporting and analytics features are easy to read, creating a user-friendly platform to make actionable decisions.

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