Bing and Yahoo! – Why Local Business Needs It

Bing Marketing is increasing becoming more important for small business. Bing is increasing in it’s search volumes every day. Since Bing and Yahoo merged not long ago, they hold nearly 20% of the search engine marketplace. One in five of your potential customers are using Bing every day.

bing and yahoo versus google
Recently Bing has been challenging people like you and me to see which search engine we like best in a blind test. More often than not, people are choosing Bing over Google. If you’re from Philadelphia, like we are, you know we’re picky about what we want.

So Bing Marketing is important but why is it different than Google? Should Bing Marketing be in my plan?

Bing Marketing – Why It’s Different than Google

Bing marketing is different than Google in a large way. Bing’s search algorithms work differently than Google’s. There’s less social networking in the search results. How is this important? This means there’s more space for website listings – your website listings.

Bing Algorithm

When using proper SEO and Bing marketing together, Bing rewards marketers with better ad placement and positioning. Also, a recent study has shown that it’s cheaper per paid click to advertise on Bing across most business categories. But Bing doesn’t only do Pay Per Click Advertising. Yes, there’s more!



Bing’s Suite of Business Services

Bing has increased it’s market share of the search engine by partnering with Facebook. Younger consumers are using the Bing search capabilities in Facebook more all the time.

Bing Local Search is just as important as Google’s – and it’s free to use! Bing also has a suite of Webmaster Tools to ensure your SEO is up to par with their algorithms and content standards. Like their competition, Bing has Video channels, Image search, mail service and more. To find out how Yahoo! & Bing can fit into your marketing plans, shoot us an email.