SEO Copywriting – Why It’s Important

Almost 20 years ago, Bill Gates wrote ” Content is King “. This still holds true even more than ever today.

Being able to write an aritcle and being able to create strong SEO content are two separate things. The artistic approach of writing relevant content for your web pages that answers the questions or demands of your potential audience is the main element in today’s SEO Copywriting.

Here’s what Google has to say about it:

SEO Copywriting

What is Relevant SEO Copywriting?

In the SEO world, relevant keyword rich content is mentioned every minute of every day. Google and Bing’s search algorithms are mainly based around your content being searchable and answering the questions that people are searching for.

Is your website content informative?
Are your site pages long enough or too long?
Is the page content easy to ready?
Does your website content have keywords that people use to search?
Are there images that help the content flow?
Does your content link to relevant sources?
Does your blog need help?
Does your content move people people to convert a sale or other conversion on your site?

SEO Copywriting Solutions

SEO Copywriting is a skill that is becoming more important for business owners every day. Ultimately, you own your content and can do what you want with it. Why not have your website content perform the best it can? Beyond just having your current content being up to ever changing SEO standards, updated relevant page copy is just as important to the search engines. Your content may be the best answer to someone’s needs, but if it’s buried in the search engine results pages, it won’t help anyone.

We have solutions where we can audit your website’s content and suggest which keywords need the proper focus in your site content. Someone needing your product may not know what they need. We can help you use content that will drive people unfamiliar with your products and services to your site pages to fit their needs.

We also provide solutions where you learn how to create and update your own website content, blog articles and more. Let us know how you’d like us to help you optimize your website content with SEO Copywriting.